Smith Senate Passes Resolution Supporting Fossil Fuel Divestment

On February 3rd, 2015, Smith College Senate voted in favor of a resolution supporting divestment. The resolution agreed with creating a fossil fuel free portfolio because of the strong moral and political arguments for divestment. In addition, senators demanded the formation of a Committee on Investor Responsibility, which will combine voices of various stakeholders in order to seriously consider the possibility of fossil fuel divestment at Smith and the moral implications of remaining invested in this destructive industry.

Divest Smith College worked closely with senators throughout the process to address their concerns. Together, we decided to make a strong statement in support of divestment for moral, political, and long-term financial reasons, in addition to making a direct ask for reinstatement of the CIR. Senate discussed the resolution over the course of several weeks during the open forum portion of their meetings, with Divest Smith College taking a backseat in these discussions while remaining present to provide additional information.

The resolution is a strong statement from students in favor of fossil fuel divestment. 40 senators voted “yes,” with only 2 “no”s and 5 abstentions.

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