Day of Action to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

Today, more than 100 peaceful solidarity actions will be taking place across the country to pressure President Obama to revoke the permits for the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL).

This is history in the making. For months, indigenous activists have been “fighting with everything they have to protect their water, the land, their history, and the climate — and we need to fight with them.” Obama already said no to Keystone XL, and we urge him to say no to DAPL, too.

On September 9, three federal agencies blocked construction of the pipeline despite the fact that a federal judge denied the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe their appeal for an injunction against the Army Corps of Engineers. The decision is scheduled to be appealed tomorrow.

Divest Smith College encourages all its members and allies to answer the call to action by attending a local demonstration, contributing to legal defense funds for the Sacred Stone Camp and Red Warrior Camp, calling the White House (202-456-1111), or spreading the word on social media using #NoDAPL.

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